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For Isotex is time for BIM

What is BIM?

Technological innovations and digital apps are changing fast, how even the architectur and building world.
Drone, 3D printers, virtual reality and augmented reality in new generation software, big data and BIM have indeed become the main tools for territory surveys, projects and the building management.

What exactly is meant by BIM, namely Building Information Model, described as “a revolution” or, better yet a “great transformation”, for a building context?
Used in the AEC sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction), the BIM method makes it possible to interact with an advanced digital platform all the information (graphs, plans, technical documents and so on by data shape) concerning to the project to be carried out, specifically to buildings, throughout its life cycle.

In an only single 3D model system, all the characters in this process as engineers, architects, installers, supplier, testers and building companies are participating in a cooperative manner to the different project and construction stages, in order to optimize the planning, hosting, management, maintenance of the edifice and for a project greater sustainability. In the three-dimensional model they are integrate it to him the information provided by technical data by different elements, which combined, leading to construct the building commences. In this way is guaranteed the validity data in every single moment, but also the safety to transmit and interaction data with different software platforms, which stake in the completion of the project to achieve, finally, a complete and integrated management of the contract.

The benefits estimated from the adoption of this BIM method are:

  • the switch on a complex less organization for the realization of the project,
  • mistake are reduced on operatively phase,
  • reduced time, costs, design flaw and implementation,
  • more interoperability,
  • productivity improvements in the processes,
  • more effective and punctual control concerning all the project


ISOTEX has chosen to make use of the BIM methodology, in order to allow all the professionals’ construction concerned to use all potentials in efficient and safe manner.
Shortly, indeed, ISOTEX building system, cement-bonded wood fibre block and slab, will become available on BIM object, the main European portal for BIM objects management (

Modello 3D con software BIM (Building Information Modeling)