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Formwork wood-cement block ISOTEX HDIII 44/20 with BASF (NEOPOR): Maximum performance for demanding professionals!

 In 2017 ISOTEX presents the NEW HDIII Block 44/20 with BASF NEOPOR (obtained with mould). With the aim to further improve the performance of thermal insulation of HDIII 44/18 eps-graphite block, already TOP CLASS of Isotex  range, the new wooden block 44/20 with concrete BASF graphite insert has a thick insulation passing from 18 to 20 cm, maintaining a thickness of 15 cm concrete casting, as required by applicable technical standards established by the Ministerial Decree 14/01/2008.

The use of an insulating eps grafite “neopor “ BASF very high quality  makes it even more performant. With these improvements the value of thermal transmittance is reduced by 12% to U = 0.15 W / m²K and maintain the same wall thickness over and the same excellent structural characteristics (seismic), thermal inertia and energy saving, sound insulation, fire resistance and vapor permeability.

Even this recent ISOTEX proposal  stems from a business approach that aims to propose systems that not only meet the technical and regulatory requirements, but they are able to anticipate the needs of a specialized market and demanding professionals.

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